Script Workspace Colouring

I present myself open to ridicule, but hope I'm not alone and that this helps someone. I don't believe we're allowed to discuss v19 here, but this applies to v18 downwards.

Should you open a script and find everything is mostly grey and your comments cannot be easily identified against the script steps, with the Script Workspace open, there is a 'Script Workspace Preferences' option, available from the Scripts menu in Windows and the View menu on the Mac or v15 on Windows. I've never had a reason to look for this before now, but as of this moment I'm so pleased I have :wink:

Screen images below.
Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 10.07.19 Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 10.07.23


First time I've seen this option. Thanks.
I'm using MBS plugin, but it's coloring on script workspace annoys me (default FM is better). Other functionalities that MBS provides for script workspace are still worth to use it. Function workspace is also better with MBS. Those MBS features cannot be used without one and another (or could it @MonkeybreadSoftware?)

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I’m glad I’m not the only one :grinning:

Why don't you just adjust the colors to your favorite palette?
See Syntax Colorizer database in examples.


I found it quite early on, when I was searching for a way to change the script workspace background colour. Never saw a use for it since the current palette suits my needs. I am curious however, what use do you have for it?

Currently we have no function to change background color.

I can't say here yet. But if you have a preview of a new product....

well, I bet Cecile viewed the roadmap video on the claris website and got the notice about what's coming!


Nah. I know what you are referring to but here, I was merely chiming in about the (very few) native options that already existed in FM 17, 18 about the syntax but now, Andy, I understand the case where being able to select the palette will come useful. Looking forward to it :wink:


looked into it. We could put table background color in, but the rows are not transparent, so we would also need to set background color for each row. As FileMaker adds row, I would expect this to flicker a lot. So I don't think we should change anything there...


Yes. Waiting for that yellow theme to become mac native theme to add some sunny color to light and dark theme. :grinning: