How to stop objects from resizing in layout-mode

When i resize objects on my layout that have a long fieldname i can´t resize them properly. They keep getting resized to a size that fits the whole fieldname.
I know it´s possible to set the "width" manually, but this can´t be the solution if i need to resize many objects. If you don´t know what i mean, i made an video which explains what i mean

Is there any setting i'm missing? (Happens on Windows and Mac)

Edit1: I just found this in the Claris-Forum but it´s old
seems like the problem is known for a long time

Judging by the screenshot you're not talking about actual fields but merge fields?

In that case select everything except the first two characters and set it to a small font size. The displayed text will inherit the font from the first character so it is safe to do.

It's been like this since forever.


I think someone could even limit the formatting to the first character and have all the rest be formatted differently. Some do prefer the visual effect of having both '<<' characters follow the same formatting.

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Correct, the first character of the merge field delimiters carries the formatting for the merge text. Regardless of what formatting is applied to the rest of the merge field, the entire content of the merge text will be formatted to match the first "<".

Unfortunately the merge text fields will resize to display the contents. I wish it were different. My field names can be longer than the content that will be displayed.


I can work with that, and it solves my problem fort he moment, but it´s really stupid that i have to work around some stupid filemaker restrictions just to get something simple working again.

Thank you all for your input.

Every environment has these kinds of idiosyncrasies ...
If you feel strongly about this then search the Product Ideas for any feature request someone may already have put in around this; or if you don't find one, add one and invite people to vote it up.

It's one of the simplest and most effective ways that we can influence the feature set.


When I follow the suggestion above and select all but the first (or two) characters in a mergefield, format that as a small font, they display that way in browse mode.

I simply want the field to stay the size I make it...


i feel your pain

to my knlowledge there is no way to achieve this. A locked object will not be modifiable and an unlocked object will resize when altered. Something that could be improved.