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How we first met

Hi I would like to know how members heard about this community. As for myself, I recall a post from @Malcolm on the official community (here I believe).
Did you get an invite?
Just curious to see what has already been done, thinking about sharing with others but not wanting to overlap too much what may already have been done on social media.

also, can someone let me know why the topics from the lounge channel HAVE to wear at least one tag?

In the FMI-owned forum a link to the proof-of-concept was posted. There I went.

Me to:grinning:

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Because discussions in the lounge are intended as deep explorations on topics and therefore will hold especially important educational value. Since we don’t use categories on this site, tags become the cornerstone of a future effective search mechanism.

When I have time, I usually add tags to ER topics. I know that I will not have the technical knowledge to properly tag advanced discussions on techniques and methods. So I feel the topic starter has the responsibility to insure at least minimal tagging

Same here

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Your repost on LinkedIn. Thanks!

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Glad you decided to join. Help spread the word. Please see: Please share

I’m naturally attracted toward nice forums and repelled by bad ones :slight_smile:


Let’s hope this gravitation / magnetism effect will apply to others as well.

I went to the ‘new’ Salesforce FileMaker Community sometime after the switch, had a bad experience, lost everything I had posted over the years, learned some stuff about what happened, and then posted something like “I wonder why FileMaker didn’t look at if they were going to change the community platform? I discovered it while using and it is AWESOME”. Well, Cecile saw that post, told me she just went ahead and created it to see what it was like and… the rest is history. :slight_smile:

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Me too – link someone posted in main FMI forum.