FM ODATA API - Support for headers: ETag and If-Match?

Hello friends,

I am endeavoring to gain some familiarity with what options open up with the availability of ODATA.

In particular, I am studying possibilities for performing transactional edits using ODATA.

The batch and change-set features already show a lot of promise.

There is one other feature in the ODATA spec which catches my eye as being potentially very useful/powerful:

My understanding is that this header can be leveraged to conditionally execute a request, where the determining condition for execution is whether the target record has been modified since it was returned by a previous query.

Is anyone here aware of whether or not the ODATA API for FM has support for the If-Match header ?

I plan to test this out on my own, soon, but I just lost access to the dev Linux server that I was using to play around with ODATA, and so I may have to wait a while...

Thanks, and kind regards to all.


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Did you have any mention of it in the OData guide?


If you have access a FM Cloud instance; those have had OData for a few versions already.

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No mention of it in the guide, thank you @WimDecorte.

On the topic of the guide, however, I will mention that, by and large, it has made it extremely easy to dive in with Postman and get familiar with FMP and ODATA.

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