Is FMS Maintenance "Required"

After you buy the FMS perpetual license, here: Claris Store: Licensing, and you pay for an initial maintenance term, say one year, is maintenance required after this term?

If maintenance is always required, then what's the difference between a subscription and so-called perpetual license. The way Claris has the maintenance included with their perpetual offering for FMS is confusing a potential client.


Well, perpetual means, you can stop paying and continue to use the version.

Maintenance allows you to get updates for additional years.

So consider perpetual + maintenance as the nicer kind of subscription, just like our plugin.

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Question: is maintenance "required" beyond the initial term? I'm assuming not, but since this wording confused a potential client, I wanted to be sure so there would be no surprises.


Required: no.

But as said, it's about updates and you usually want updates.

Agreed, you would want maintenance. My question was just to clear up a client misunderstanding from the wording on the Claris page. Thanks.