Maintenance Costs?

I have an annual FMS subscription. I’m considering switching to the three-year perpetual version and paying for annual maintenance starting in year four. However, I don’t see pricing for maintenance on the Claris website. How much will maintenance cost?

Maintenance happens as part of the renewal process. Maintenance pricing is 1/5 of the full license cost. So in your case, the 3 year contract is:

  • Year 1 - Perpetual pricing for Full License ( or the conversion price if you had an annual ).
  • Year 2 - Maintenance pricing. 1/5 of the Full price for a license, plus any discount added for the multi-year contract.
  • Year 3 - Same as year 2. The discount applied may or may not be the same, but the difference is minor.

With the 3 year contract, you just pay it all up front. After the contract is over, or just before, Claris will want to renew your contract, and may offer you another 3 year contract with similar discounts. The difference will be that all three years would then be based on maintenance pricing.


Thanks — I’ll call Claris to discuss my options this week.