Is there any keyboard shortcut software when develop solution in Windows?

Hi, I would like to set up keyboard shortcut on my Windows machine, like Mac. Is there any third parties software to do so?

For example, Cltr+B to call script debugger. Is there any ways to do so.

Thank you.

Check out Autohotkey WinMenuSelectItem - Syntax & Usage | AutoHotkey

My coworker uses Windows and AutoHotkey and does some incredible things with it, beyond just selecting menu items.


Thank you. I will try to set it up on my windows machine.

While it's not exactly an answer to your question about third-party software, there may be a way to do what you want (without using extra software).

It's likely that most of the options you want are already available; anything on a menu should have a built-in shortcut key. Eg Alt+T+D for Script Debugger:


The combinations are not always what you might choose, but it's a great feature of the Windows OS (IMO); I find the lack of such a feature one of the frustrations of using a Mac. I appreciate it's quite straightforward to define shortcut keys on a Mac, but as they're already built in on Windows (in any program), I use them much more generally on Windows. If I need to use the same command more than two or three times, I'll use shortcuts instead of menus - whereas it probably wouldn't be worth definining a shortcut on a Mac.

(I appreciate this won't be a very useful contribution if you're a Windows user, but there may be Mac users who are not familiar with this feature.)

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