March Birthdays

Happy :birthday: day yesterday @Mark

Thank you! 49th birthday in lockdown!

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Well I beat you: mine was the 14th, my 50th. All alone with a box of passion flakies from the convenience store!


Happy birthday Mark!

Happy birthday Cécile!

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Passion Flakies,

miam, miam, miam !

Happy birthday to both of you. :tada: :confetti_ball: :balloon:


Thank yousz! Yeah 50. I remember when I was thinking of these old people, the 50+.
Now they are still other people... until I realize I am them. I think I stopped getting older in my 30s. My body says otherwise but who’s listening!

I wonder what Mark and Torsten have done differently. Discourse has the cake day function activated but only a few people’s birthdays show in the calendar mine didn’t and only Torsten had the cake icon wit his avatar on his birthday...
Maybe I didn’t set it right.

I consider FMSoup is pretty easy to figure out, but I havent't found how I can edit my account :pensive:.

Help !!!

Finally got it, ouf !

Thank you. Strange times - never really had a celebration even though my eldest son shares my birthday and he was 18. He had an online gaming party with his mates while all getting drunk!