Momma’s taking a vacation

From Sunday, I’m gonna be gone for a good two weeks. I could check in but I feel I need to disconnect from everything for a bit.

So I hope you will behave :innocent: :blush:.

I’ve posted a link on a FB conversation as people seemed to be looking for a place like ours. When I followed it, it took me to the welcome post. Which is terribly outdated. So i put a link to the channels instead but it would be great to update the welcome message and make it more relevant.

If someone wants to work on a new one, you can respond here with a draft. I made the current thread here a wiki so everyone can collaborate.

Also, if someone feels like planning the next video tour of the site, that’s another project. Currently the tour is still showing the site when it was called! It’s not necessary to do the actual recording but doing like a plan of important things to show a new member so that version 2 is more useful and concise.

Like in my childhood: I wait 'til I hear the door slamming, then start to get naughty :grinning:

Take care


Have a great vacation Cecile!
Thanks for letting us know of this group on facebook.
I appreciate!

Enjoy your time off.


Bonnes vacances, Cécile!

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Disconnecting from everything now and then is a good thing. I guess it is another form of "distancing" :wink:

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all the best - and take care!

we will turn every bit here upside down in the meanwhile :innocent:

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:+1: Louis

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Have a good break!

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Have a great time and come back healthy!


...and on the last day cleaning up the mess :slight_smile:

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I called Claris and they told me they will hold any changes/announcements until you're back from vacations :wink:.

Have great vacations :dark_sunglasses: !


bon voyage :passenger_ship:

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Hi Cecile

Have a good break and forget anything to do with computers or software

All the best

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Hi, have a nice vacation, take some rest and enjoy your time.

The irony!!! @EfficientBizz do you have a hand in that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Got the following email this morning (forwarded it to discourse so they tell me how to fix i)


We are contacting you today because we have disabled your outbound email services temporarily. The reason for this is because you've got a forum that spammers were subscribing to to get messages sent out. They used a spam trap email address that actually resulted in our mail server getting blacklisted.

We need you to add protection to it so it isn't being exploited in the future. You will need to contact us and let us know this has been resolved for us to restore your email services.

For protection, we ask that you require an account to subscribe to topic notifications if you haven't already. We also ask that you add protection to your sign-up page so that spammers cannot automate it. You can do this by using a captcha or something similar to that.

To activate your account, please visit our BlueHost account reactivation center. Use the link below:

Thank you,

Does everyone still get emails?

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last night I got 2, nothing by now

I got the email for your posting here 3 emails within the last 10 minutes.

I get them √

what kind of vaccation is this? Got emails from a person supposed to be on the beach?!