More affordable server licenses for MBS Plugin

A lot of clients use multiple servers in FileMaker. Either to split production, development and testing to three servers or to use multiple servers and synchronize. Some even use WebDirect with multiple worker machines.

We adjusted prices recently and part of that is a lower entry price for the server licenses for MBS Plugins.

For servers, we now give

  • 10% discount for second server,
  • 20% for third server,
  • 30% for forth server and
  • 40% for fifth server.

See new pricing for FileMaker.

This new price list should bring 5 servers to about what 3 servers used to cost.

We also adjusted to long time currency exchange rates, so some items may be more expensive or even cheaper for some customers. If the new price is higher for you, you can of course contact us and quickly get your updates for the old prices done this month.

Otherwise if you need another server, please contact us. We will also look for which customers could need an extra license for their servers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question.