More on File Paths (Email this time)

When I look at the example file paths shown in FMP's SMTP email send dialog (see below), it certainly looks like my URL full file paths below should work, but they don't.

Note the highlighted line below for "Full path". There is nothing that indicates that any "full path" should not work.

Double checking C's documentation on constructing file paths, and the actual examples below, there is nothing to explain why any path should not work if constructed correctly.

Since I'm using PSOS, there are no error messages and I can't step though the code to see what's going on.

Example 1:

PATH USED: filewin:/C:/image1.jpg

 (actual disk file path: C:/image1.jpg)

Does not work. Email arrives but no attachment.

Example 2:


  (actual disk file path: C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/image1.jpg)

Does not work. Email arrives but no attachment.

Example 3:

filewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/image1.jpg

Yes, confusingly (given the "full path" documentation), this works.

Not sure where I'm off here. Does PSOS impose additional limitations?

PSOS has file path limitation. See Paths in server-side scripts.

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Thank you! Perfect answer. :slight_smile:

Glad to be helpful.

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