Movember 11 the soup

We’re now 97 members!

Some metrics:


You might wish to look at a typo (in the title): Move Members?

Movember is the expression used here that aims to raise awareness to men specific health concerns and cancer eg prostate. November was chosen to be the month. Many men grow a mustache during November (mustache month)

Great numbers! The community thrives!

Thanks @Cecile for the heads-up :clap:

Men’s check list:

  • vegetables: I eat lots of organically grown veggies
  • meat: I eat moderate amounts of meat from organically raised animals
  • smoke: I don’t
  • alcohol: I drink too much wine (according to WHO limits)
  • exercise: I spend too much time in front of my computer

So I have a 3.5 out of 5 score. Cheers!

ok... learned that (-:

(local site)

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OK - good to know what we are working with. I’ll keep my thinking cap on. :slight_smile:


thanks for all the effort. I don’t give much on the number of members since I see that most of my buddies are already here.
meanwhile, on a almost abandoned planet:


Uh, I see. The naughty boy must ask the headmaster for permission if he wants to use the word.

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The “naughty boys” (@Markus, @Siplus and I, among others) have a large collection of those special “Badges”, keeping the Claris PяAщDA commission busy.

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me too …

Just checking alternatives to Claris after the FBA webinar …

LOL :rofl:
I thought for a second that your comment had been flagged by another mod and was trying to see what you had said that I needed to approve or reject lol.

who in this group has sufficient programming skills to build a software platform?

We can discuss in another thread, but I'd like to hear thoughts on what you heard. Most of what I heard was good. Some of the unanswered questions may be disconcerting, but overall the direction of the platform is primed for growth.

Here you go:

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This just ensures you are right. So I guess I'm unable help.

Giving up is the only sure way to fail.

Hello world,

mrwatson here to add to the Movember statistics. ;-{)

So … how many different kinds of inbox do I have now to review? :smiley:

Here’s praying for improved productivity!

(and congratulations @Cecile … I think I was ‘present’ at the inception of this forum … Well done for keeping it up!)


Woah! Where did the forum get my Avatar from? … Clever … Sneaky … APIs!? … Artificially Intelligent … IOT!? … Online Avatar Pools? … Damn good guess-work?