POLL: Site name

At this morning meeting, we voted for fmchat.org.
Turns out that several comments underlined the conflict with seedcode product.

So, in an attempt to try to find something usable that is available, I have collected some of the names that had been proposed during the brainstorm and several more and checked all of them against the registrars.

Please check UP TO FIVE (5) of the names in the list below.

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Is is to late to add some suggestions Baby name brainstorm

Gosh you will have to scroll to the bottom :frowning_face:.

After 5 minutes or once someone has voted, polls cannot be modified.

I can introduce new choices in the next poll as there will be a couple more to trim down the list before a binding poll

Late one to consider - fmpatter.org

Can you explain patter?

It is a synonym for ‘chatter’, a noun meaning ‘casual talk’.

The Cambridge dictionary defines it as ‘ continuous and sometimes funny speech or talk especially used by someone trying to sell things or by an entertainer’

I appreciate the last part may not be appropriate, but I liked fmchat and was looking for something similar that wouldn’t cross any existing product branding.

Or dotfmp.org, dot-fmp.org?

@planteg you can link to a specific reply in a thread by using the chain icon. For your reply, it gives this: Baby name brainstorm

imho if a name needs to be explained, there is something that could be improved right there. Not targeting Andy’s suggestion, just something I would keep like a rule of thumb for every name considered.


I guess it depends on whether you wish to appeal to those ‘in the know’ or make it as obvious as possible. ‘Pause on error’ is a great example. Personally I prefer to be slightly abstract, but that doesn’t make it right. fmcontext.org? :wink:

POE does not need to be explained if you are ‘in the know’, it does if you do not know FileMaker. A word that is not specific to the product/platform that still needs to be explained starts with more than just a strike in my book. That’s all I meant. The same way, play on words or translation puns tend to limit the audience you can reach. (has anyone seen my funny suggestion of rtFM). :wink:

Thanks for the tip.

Not trying to illustrate but what is POE?

Then how about fmforhomme :joy:.

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not sure that will survive a referend’femme

Facepalm!:woman_facepalming:t2: pause on error… I just had Edgar Allan popping in my brains

lol … for men only

I really like the soup.
You eat this when you are sick, it is nicely connoted (chicken soup for the soul), my grandma used to put all sorts of things in it and made the most delicious ones, it is nutritious and good for you, it evokes gathering for a meal, or a quick stop at the soup truck on a rainy day, other connotations that are also interesting such as “bouillon de culture” which has the double entendre breeding ground (culture broth) and mix brew of culture (cultural), for those familiar with the Comic Astérix et Obélix, the latter fell in the magic potion cauldron when a baby and since then he has herculean strenght, the soup will make you strong!


Oh boy, took me 10 seconds to figure it out :upside_down_face:

since dotfmp.com is the Berlin unconference site this doesn’t seem to be a good idea…