Notenik - MacOS Notetaker

I like to use tools that allow me the freedom to bend them to my needs. For a long time I've been challenged by the fact that I can't find a tool that does markdown, provides a nice interface, and has a decent toolkit ( or doesn't get in the way ). I had settled on Obsidian, which works well, and I can recommend it, but I never bonded with it.

A little while back I discovered Notenik, which describes itself as a notetaking app. It's quite a lot more than that. Though it's focus is on writing and text, not on numbers, it sits somewhere between a database and a spreadsheet. It's a little bit quirky but I like it a lot. Fun fact: It's design is influenced by FileMaker and it's strongly geared to producing web content.

Like a lot of other markdown based notetaking tools, Notenik expects that you'll organise your notes into folders. Notenik calls that a collection. Unlike other Markdown tools, but very like a table in FileMaker, you get to define your collection by creating fields. For simple needs you do that via a wizard. For advanced needs you customise using a text editor. So, just like FileMaker databases are different, each Notenik collection can be very different.

Each item in a collection behaves as a record in FileMaker. And just like FileMaker, Notenik provides a nice interface for you to enter your data. It also provides a Display mode, will allows you to display your data in a reader friendly way. You can control the layout display if you want too: using HTML/CSS templates, merge variables, and scripting.

It provides a plain text search, which simple takes you to the next note that contains the text. If your text appears in a lot of notes, you keep cycling through them all. :slightly_frowning_face: But it also provides a Query Wizard which allows you to search specific fields, and it produces a found set in a separate window. These queries can be saved and modified using Notenik's simple scripting language. The queries use templates too, so with a little imagination your output can be HTML/CSS, or CSV, or SQL. It's really up to you.

Notenik is an open-source project, and free to use. A big bonus is that the developer is very responsive. I've already had a couple of features added simply by asking for them in the forum. That's encouraging. :smile:


I would recommend Curio which supports option REGEX search. It's an amazing tool and the developer responds to user requests for new features. Very mature program.

It's also nice the developer doesn't try to cram a subscription down your throat as the only license option.