Objects inherited horrible scroll bar

Theme was to be dark initially. So I built it with Luminous as starting base. Many iterations later, everything is a lot lighter than originally. Now that most is done, I just realized that portal and edit boxes and anywhere there is a scroll bar, it is horribly dark and ruins everything.

Boy… Most people complain that the scroll bar is usually too light for their needs… I got the opposite problem!

I tried pasting an object from another theme but the scroll bar takes colour of the one that was saved with the style when it was created.

I work in 18.

Hi Cecile,

my take on design in FM is: look for the scrollbar that matches your needs. Everything else can be manipulated but you will stay with the initial themes scrollbar appearance. So looking for a theme in reality for me is searching the least ugly looking scrollbar…



Yes… That is what I discovered the hard way today. It is definitely worth a Heads-Up Gotchas… When I have time to write such article!

You can, technically, hack up the CSS and get the scroll bar you want. There is just a large possibility it gets blown up if FM changes how the CSS renders. And that has happened.

I try to stick to only showing the scroll bar when scrolling, then I don’t seem to care that much.