Our beautiful new theme!

Many thanks to cheesus for the lovely fmsoup theme. It is now the one by default.

If you do not see it yet, you may need to clear your browser’s cache or, for the iOs app, to log out and in. There’s also a setting, in the interface tab of your user preferences, to activate the theme to all your devices.

I liked the extended space of the new theme. Although switched back to default theme because of the font.

Is it me or the avatars look a lot crisper and sharp?

same here, maybe depending on os/browser combo...

The Font has been uploaded to the server, therefore it should not be OS dependant. Can you provide a screenshot?

Thanks @cheesus for the work! New theme looks great in Chrome on MacOs.

I also switched back because of the font, seems a bit better readable on the iPad

Hi Thomas,

no offense, I just don't like it :slight_smile:
Looks like a 90th screenfont to me, to wide etc...

The other changes are great, only would want the red line back for "since last visit"


... me too, on Safari and Firefox, OS X
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-26 um 18.03.25 Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-26 um 18.04.30

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Obviously fonts, style and theme are all very subjective. Thankfully, for anyone who wants to customize the look of a site for themselves (any site, not just fmSoup), they can turn to CSS injectors to suit their own needs.

For both Chrome and Firefox, I would recommend using Stylus, as it enables using styles from userstyles.org

Safari users have to turn to Cascadea or PageExtender. It looks like Magic CSS is the only option for Edge users.

If you are still using IE, I guess you are on your own.

If you come up with your own style(s), feel free to share with others. You can even go all out and create styles for every season or anything else you think about!

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It's true that the feel renders better on the iPhone, especially the font. I'm sure everyone will have their preferences for all sorts of things. For instance, i'm not so keen on blue hearts. Although I appreciate the design value of it, it feels cold compared to a red or fushia. Plus, I don't think they should blend with the "container" as they are in fact content.

In the end, what is great is that we can go back to Sam's theme if we do not like the new one. cheesus voluntary contribution has the merit to get us closer to branding. As long as the site is appealing and easy to read, we are doing fine.
However, several people seem to not have a great experience with the fonts. So I encourage everyone to share screen shots so that we can see what fails to achieve easy to read and adjust in consequence.

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Pleasing everyone is just impossible. I like the new font due to the perfect roundness of the Os Cs and so on. But if you want to suggest some other Google font: go for it! I could easily make another design. But folks: not everyone can have his own theme :smile:

I replaced the red colors, because red to me is always a sign of danger. The Avatars provide enough color to spice things up so I don't see why the design shouldn't stay clean in Blue and Grey. This way the content stands out even more. The less clutter, the better.


Ah yes, the inevitable war between form and function. lol

On my Mac on Mojave I think it looks very nice good job!

I like the new theme also, though I typically use a dark theme.