Outlook.com email sent from server

I have a couple of important emails that get sent from the server overnight. They're low risk (i.e. no one will care if they get hacked) but high importance (saves a bit of manual work a few times a week).

I used to use Google SMTP, but they shut it of. I created a free Outlook account and kept using SMTP and it's worked for a while, but today it's not working for some reason. I'm not sure if Outlook is down, or if there is a new toggle I have to check, or if they're turning off SMTP or something.

It looks like SMTP is still supported: POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for Outlook.com - Microsoft Support

BUT only with STARTTLS encryption and Filemaker only supports TLS: Preparing for TLS 1.2 in Office 365 and Office 365 GCC | Microsoft Learn

What do people suggest for a workaround that can be done in a reasonable timeframe? I started looking into OAuth and my head is swimming. I'm really not a server guy and don't want to become one just to send 5 emails a week.

This help article at Claris should provide you with sufficient information to resolve your email issues. ClarisPKB.

I have been sending emails via Gmail from my servers having followed the instructions.

lol. you have big faith in me. I'm on 4 hours now messing around with this article and similar ones. No joy. I'm definitely not a system admin. Can't find anything in the various control panels.

Yes -- I still use 365 Email with SMTP.

All you need to do is use an App Password and SMTP still works fine. During my several calls with MS, I was told they have no plans to disable this option. My clients often use this option, too.

I use a REST service for this email option so it works from FMP and other clients (INSERT FROM URL from FMP...).

Yay! Working now. Thank you.

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