PopOver Buttons crashing on Windows

Late last week users started to let me know about situations where a PopOver Button would cause Filemaker to just quit. At first I thought it was something to do with that button but now I'm hearing from other users that it's happening with other popOver buttons.

I haven't seen it myself (I'm on Mac and they're on Windows), but it seems a fairly recent change. We haven't update filemaker (latest from this summer) or the Filemaker Server (Windows).

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a workaround? I'm going to restart the server tonight when everyone is off it but was wondering if there's a "known issue" I'm working around.

That rings a bell but I am not sure. What version of FMP/FMPA and FMS are used ?

All my clients are windows based and we have popover buttons and I have not heard of any issues. I am just now working on upgrading my clients to FileMaker 19 though and most of them are working on FileMaker 18 still. But there are a couple running 19 including myself without issue.

All running newest 19.3.2. Been running since July without a problem and just last week someone mentioned it and then 3 more today. I'm only in the building and they're slow to report so I'm sort of assuming they all had the problem at the same time. I just restarted (10PM) and will check in tomorrow with staff to see if the problem was fixed by that... it's been a month or longer since last restart.

Humm... I did have to revert to a backup around a week ago.. I wonder if some sort of corruption happened?

OK I tried restarting with no luck. So probably should try rebuilding the file next. Thanks for the sanity check.