How to debug a crash on popover button press

Looking for advice on next steps to debug this issue:

Last week we had to restore our app from backups. We did and it appeared OK, but later in the week we discovered that some popover buttons just shut down Filemaker on Windows only.

I'm really stumped about what else I could do to debug this other than "remove all popovers from my app" or go back to a version from a couple of weeks ago.

Things I've tried

  • Restarted server
  • Restarted clients
  • Checked to ensure they're all up to date (they are)
  • Made new buttons
  • Copied working buttons
  • Downloaded the file from the server and restored it (no errors found, but it still quits on windows when clicked)

Technical details
Server: Windows hosted with
Mac client (which has no problems):
Windows clients (which don't work):

OK I know I just posted but I just discovered that it's a layout problem. Popups work on some layouts but not others. Copying the layout copies the error, but creating a brand new layout and copying over all the assets fixes the problem sometimes. Working through more details now...

This screams corruption… and you likely need to recreate then ditch the layout. Have you attempted a file recovery operation?

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It does seem like corruption of some sort. Recovery didn't find anything. It's inconsistent. One layout I made a new layout and copied everything "as is" and it worked fine. For a different layout I had to remove a web viewer from the screen and it started working. As soon as I put the web viewer back it came back.

Are fonts involved?

@Malcolm, thanks for the idea.
I was wondering if it had to do with Emoji's in my scripts or something. None of these are using scripts with Emoji's and the fact that the same button works on some layouts and not others points to some type of corruption... It could be font related, but the fact that in one case I literally copied all the things on the screen from one layout to another and it worked makes me think it's probably not fonts, but I'll check the screen to be sure everything's using the same font and see if that changes anything.

If it is fonts, the issue can be on the user's machine. The font may need replacing.

On the other hand, it can be because those objects require a font. That may affect a group of machines if they all share the same system configuration.

It can be that the user inputs include styled text. If styled text is not required, it is worth while stripping styles to reduce issues.

Oh, definitely not that. I'm running Windows 11 on Parallels and also a Remote Desktop of Windows 10, and they're all on Windows 10 patched by the school district, so unless Windows rolled out a bad font to multiple builds of Windows that's not likely.