SCCM users on server

When I look at my server admin panel I'm spotting a bunch of "sccm" users who are just hanging out on the server. I'm guessing these are scripts I ran on the server which somehow didn't terminate (maybe due to an error). Is there any easy way to track down what specific action these sccm "users" are trying to do so I can squash them?

SCCM can stand for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (or known as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager). No idea why this should appear, but are you on a large managed network?

IDK... it's hosted by I'll check with them. I had assumed it was a Filemaker thing... Thx.

How those it work with hosted services? Do you have access to the server Log-Files such as

No problem. They probably use SCCM to rollout FileMaker via command lines, so maybe something went amiss there.