Script debugger pictorial oddity

In FMPA v18.0.2 on Mac I stumbled over this slightly odd behaviour: Looping step-by-step, sometimes the code line flipped upside down. Did not happen every time but now and then.
Does not appear in v18.0.3.

Wow! That’s a new one. I thought at first it was a font substitution thing - but the text is actually inverted!

Are you running MBS plugin. I have seen it as well.

I am sorry for this.
It comes from syntax colorization by MBS Plugin, but we have no idea how to trigger it to reproduce it and test various things to avoid it.

If you find a reliable way to reproduce it, please let us know.


Welcome, Christian!

Herzlich willkommen!

And thank You so much for chiming in!

It appeared sometimes, no way to reproduce it in a predictable manner. It seem to have disappeared with update to v18.0.3, using MBS 9.4.
Besides, it had no effect on script execution. It is a pictorial error, non-critical.

Btw: syntax colorisation and variable name check saves my live every day. Great Stuff!


Yes, I do.

I cannot agree more.

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