Script to automatically open all answers in community thread

Here's a little JavaScript that will automatically expand all the answers on a community thread so you don't have to keep clicking "More Answers"

(QUICK REMINDER: don't trust me, read the code before running)

You can copy paste this in the browser console:

const showMoreComments = () => {
	const myButton = document.getElementsByClassName('cuf-showMoreComments')[0].querySelector('button');
	if (myButton) {
		console.log('clicking "More answers"');;
		setTimeout(() => {
		}, 1000);

OR, you can save the following url as a bookmark and click it while viewing a thread to auto-expand the answers.

javascript:(function()%7Bconst showMoreComments%3D()%3D>%7Bconst myButton%3Ddocument.getElementsByClassName("cuf-showMoreComments")%5B0%5D.querySelector("button")%3BmyButton%26%26(console.log('clicking "More answers"')>%7BshowMoreComments()%7D%2C1e3))%7D%3BshowMoreComments()%7D)()


Cool. Thanks.

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