Server Scripts / Backup Schedules: no feedback on progress shown in admin console

Did anybody else encounter the above mentioned behaviour?

I've set up a FMServer 19.3.1 on a new Apple M1 16GB/512GB hosting 40+ files in different directories related to different projects.

For every directory in the servers database directory I have a scheduled backup that is deactivated. Whenever I wish to push the files to the customer for further testing I trigger the schedule manually and copy the file(s) from the backup location.

On the admin console these schedules seem to run for ever (triggered locally or from a remote machine).

If I reload the admin console via browser (Safari on Catalina and Big Sur), its shown as "in progress"

If I relogin to the admin console they are sometimes shown as completed.

If I look it up in the Event.log I have the usual entries (schedule started, 146, 774, 458, databased halted 769, backup completed 460, schedule completed 150) all within a second as shown via timestamp

Seems to be at least a glitch and I could perfectly do without :slight_smile:

I have seen that as well, toggling the Enable switch will refresh the status.


my experience with the admin console in regards of log entries matches yours. No updates until I log out and re-login again. I posted my observation in the Claris Community ..

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thank you for your feedback, could you add a link to the thread in the Claris Community?

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I think it is Interactive Log in FMS19.3 on Windows 2016 Server takes minutes to update log entries for "live" display.

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We’ve also seen this behaviour in the Windows admin console.

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to add to this:
Installed FMS on Ubuntu LTS 18.04 and had the same issues: the event log shows that the backup has been successfully done but the admin console stays "in progress" forever

The state can be ended by toggling the deactivate/activate slider/trigger/button.