Simple toast/alert method

I like to use popovers for alerts since a popover will naturally disappear when the user resumes.


fm (148.3 KB)


That's a great UI implementation @rivet.

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Just keep in mind that it can be hard to guarantee the expected positioning with popovers.

Are you referring to the fact that pop-overs will flip around like a puppy with a ball?

The behaviour of the pop-over with scaling is good until they get squeezed.


Some of the appeal of the method for me is the graceful re-use of the layout objects. Overlaying an alert on the input panel in place of the information header is good UI. I actually like the fact that the pop-over will find the optimal position on-screen if it needs to. It may pop the designer's bubble but it's better than the warning appearing in a part of the layout that isn't visible.

@rivet called attention to the advantages of the method for user feedback. It's highly dynamic. As soon as the user responds to the alert it disappears. That is great UX.

Yes. It is always about when the screen is smaller than anticipated. I would not be surprised also if there were small discrepancies between FMPro, FMGo & WebDirect.

I would be careful if I was using this in a list view also.