Space covered by panel on layout

One fact about layout design using panel objects I tend to forget over time, just to rediscover it when working on a layout that needs objects placed at the same height as the panel tabs, to their right side.
In fact, the panel claims a rectangular space, extending beyond the visible rightmost limit of the panel tabs.
If an object shall be placed within this space, an instance of this object must be placed for each tab because panel (and tab) space extends to the full rectangle.
Attached is a demo file that shows the invisible part of a tab as a red-dashed rectangle for 'tab1'. The tab is invisible in this area, though not transparent and covers anything in this area that is not on the selected tab.

@Cecile, I am not sure if this is the right category for this post. Internally I collect little demos and information like this one under the moniker of 'tips and tricks'. Panel.fmp12 (180 KB)


Hi Torsten,

Fun thing is that these objects will remain visible when you group them with another object that extends out of the virtual square occupied by the tabpanel. You can use a (vertical) line for that, that is set to hidden. See attached…

Panel_2.fmp12 (176 KB) Panel_2.fmp12


Hi @ernst
Excellent find! That’s a really curious peek into FM’s :gear::gear:.