Stripe integration?

I'm asking this question for a FileMaker consultant friend (I'll try to get him to join the Soup, too!).

He has a potential project where the client would have customers who access a FileMaker solution via WebDirect. As part of their access, they would need to make purchases via some payment processor, for example, Stripe.
There is advice in the Claris Community forums to use embedded Stripe.js in a web viewer, rather than accessing the Stripe API from within FileMaker. By using an embedded web viewer, the FileMaker Server would not even temporarily be holding credit card information.

Has anyone here done an embedded integration like this? It seems like this isn't necessarily a FileMaker-specific issue, since it's just a matter of him learning how to embed code that would work on a normal website into his web viewer.

The WebDirect rendering engine displays the web viewer as an iFrame in the HTML delivered to the browser. If you have simple web content in an iFrame everything is OK. Anything more complicated is going to have problems, especially with CORS.

It's a really easy thing to test. You only need to pass the url into a webviewer and load it in WebDirect.

Thanks, Malcolm!

I’ll pass on that advice. He may also turn out to need a bit more than just payment processing, perhaps using something like Shopify, which seems like it would require similar work.