System spelling dictionary config

Does anyone know where the settings for the spelling dictionary are stored? I don't even find out if it's per file or per FMA instance...

Issue at hand: A client should have the German dictionary for some users and the French dictionary for others (with the same database file). Is there a way to achieve this, maybe using a tiny database with default menus that allows him to set it client-wide, as there seems to be no possibility to script that?

Welcome back! It’s by instance. Each user may choose its FileMaker’s language of preference and the dictionary will follow accordingly.

On MacOS Go to preferences, region, and select the language for a given app.

Thanks Cecile!
Sadly, the users are on company-controlled windows clients. This means that any solution must be provided by FMA.
Once again, the MBS plugin would help: Monkeybread Software - MBS FileMaker Plugin: FM.ChooseDictionary
But obtaining an MBS license for all users just for this would probably not be accepted.
Just tested: the selection doesn't even persist between invocations of the same database :frowning:

Don’t the users get to control language settings on their machine?

welcome back Edi!

afaik, this is not possible - at least not without plugins. Users (windows os) can define the language within FM and there is a windows shortcut to switch to another language for the os - but thats annoying since per default (at least here), the shortcut consist only of modifier-keys (I pressed them every now and then without wanting to change the language)

We live in a 3 or 4 language environment, some users have german settings but need to write every once in a while in french or italian - with their physical keyboard, that will change as well when switching language