The FileMaker Report (published between 1988 and 1996)

44 issues of The FileMaker Report available on the Internet Archives.

Interesting that there are still plenty of useful FileMaker nuggets to be found amongst these 30+ year old newsletters.

BTW... if anyone is interested in the hard copies that I scanned in for this collection, I will gladly send to anyone who would cover the shipping. Just PM me to arrange.


Truly interesting. The knowledge and methods described in some articles still apply.
Welcome @BobMinteer !

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wow! I love the archive and that is a great resource.

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A trip down memory lane! I worked with Mike Harris in 1995; he gave me my start in FileMaker, for which I am grateful...

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@BobMinteer That's pretty awesome. Mind if I share the link with some folks?

Do you (or anyone) happen to remember when the Script Maker was introduced? I can't imagine a system without scripts, but apparently that was 'normal' back then.

It looks like scripts were a FileMaker 6 addition. Unless that line about scripts isn't saying what it reads like.

I think that table just makes it possible to interpret that scripts were added in v.6, but only because the table doesn't go back further in time.

I recall doing scripting back in v.3. I'm tempted to say that it went back at least one prior version to that, but honestly, I can't recall that with clarity.

It used to be that when you created a new script, it would be pre-populated with steps that were something sequence that would be typical of creating a found set for getting ready to print. Maybe a Browse or Find step, followed by something like a Sort. Can't remember the steps anymore, and can't remember what version that stopped happening in...


@jeremyb Absolutely share! I was offered the paper versions of these and immediately scanned them in because I thought there would be interest.

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I was trying to find images of earlier than 6 to confirm what it was... but, ran out of time.

I used to have screen shots of all the versions, but they were lost in the great HDD catastrophe of 2016.

I'm also pretty sure I used scripts in version 2.1, the first version I bought (as an addon to MS Office Mac)

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Absolutely. I have installers all the way back to 3. Just no license key or vm to run them on. LOL

I started with v3 and it included scripting. I'm pretty sure that v2 did too. I only used v2 several times before getting a copy of v3 so my memory of it isn't good.

However, I think that the Script Maker UI may have been a later introduction.

Was the scripting a list of steps? Or was it a dialog which checkboxes?

The dialog of checkboxes may have been v2.

Before Script Maker it was drag-n-drop from a list of script steps into your script. There was some type ahead that allowed you to jump between sections but the process was laborious. You spent a lot of time hammering the arrow keys.

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