The incredibely growing layout body

Hello all,

I have an issue where the body of a layout grows dow when in Browse mode.

This is the layout in Layout mode:

As can be seen the left Button bar bottom is located at the bottom of the body, and the footer is next. Thing is when in Browse mode, this is how the layout looks:

I can't explain why this empty zone appears at the bottom of the body. In Layout mode, in the left pane I selected the Object Tab and clicked all the objects one by one to find which one would be between the body and footer, no one was found.

Someone can explain ?

Thanks !


The total height of the Layout is made such that is fills the height (and width) of an iPad screen. Testing on the iPad, the Layout fills the screen as desired,

The screen shots are from FMP, if I lower the height of the window from the bottom, the footer moves up. I guess that the problems lies at 12 inches from the monitor :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Looked at the anchors, by any chance?

Yes I did, they are all fine. Read the text I added at the end.

Can't tell if this is a bug, but everything starting with EDIT in my initial post is marked as Bold. On my Mac, it does not show as Bold with the Light and Dark modes.

@Malcolm , are you aware of a bug with Bold ?

No, problems that I can see.

I'm looking at this with Dark mode on. I can see bold text. I'm on a Mac. I've also tested with Light mode. I saw bold text then also.

On Windows it works fine. Strange.