The most unusual place you've developed

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Hi Markus

This is a linked reply from Chrome on my Mac, by clicking on the chain link icon to the left of ‘Reply’. However, when I tried it on the iPad it is opening the sharing window, so it doesn’t look as if it works in IOS, selecting a browser from the options results in a bookmark or reading link.

@Cecile have you tried linked replies on an iPad or iPhone?

Markus, back to the trains, I often said I’d do round trips from our (then) south of Cambridge office train station to London and back to get some development work done - there were so many tunnels and bad phone signal coverage I didn’t get the office distractions. However, not at the speeds you mentioned, ours felt that we’d recently given up steam.

However, when I was commuting regularly to the London office, I developed quite severe tennis elbow, which I still believe was down to over use of the trackpad and the precision needed when using it. I still avoid trackpads as much as I can as I believe they are fine for occasional use, but the unnatural position of the finger, wrist and forearm when on a laptop isn’t good.

(chained by iOS… I only got m iPad at the moment)

My office is next to the train-station… Trains in every direction, almost every 1/4h (every 30 minutes intercity connections!). So, trains are a perfect transportation!

There is a station about one hour away where the IC are stopping at about the same time - so I could catch a train, worked, jumped out and could catch the train in the other direction (homeward). Did do that a couple of times…

I never missed the target-station - but once, I jumped out of a train too early, was working like having crocodiles all around my head and thought that I reached the home-station already (but was not…)

I’ve had a MacBook Air with the i7 - the battery was good for a full day

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Worked in airplanes (B/C seating preferred for this activity). In the days of mobile data, development happens everywhere: trains, coffee shops, garden/terrace, parks. And sometimes in windowless server rooms :frowning_face: