Back again

Wow, the original URL has stopped working, couldn’t remember the domain suffix, finally found it on Google but forgot my password.

I wonder if I’m the only one?

I’m a bit concerned too. The iPhone app didn’t work anymore. Had to add it again. Not impressed at all will make an announcement in case others have the issue. We should test the links to see if they resolve properly.

Hi Cecile

Since posting I then had problems getting to the site again, although obviously I’m back in again.

I do think some form of announcement would be helpful, but only after we’re confident we can get reliable continuous access.

Kindest regards

Having the same issue. I am contacting the discourse team atm to figure out what is happening. I might have to enable a redirect from my domain registrar.

Hi, I thought there was an accident to access this site. Is that possible to send a email or something to notify the users?

Unless people unsubscribed from the announcement channel, every one should receive the announcement by email. If you have not please let me know so that I investigate why emails are not working

with the help of your announcement up and running, reentering the password is OK, after all this is a new site certainly with new certificate etc…
Thank you for having done all this work

Thank You so much - finally back again!

This morning, in the discourse iOS app, badges appeared - and I just had to authorize the app and log in again.

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I didn’t receive an email Cecile

I also didn’t receive an email. Am I a subscriber of the announcement channel?

this morning, an email arrived with Cecile’s posting - because I subscribed IMHO

there were no other mails

I must admit, I’ve not gone searching to change my account settings, I believe they are the initial standard ones upon account setup. However, I do receive emails relating to discussions I’m involved in, which conveniently go into Outlook’s clutter folder, hence nicely grouped for when I have time to read them.

I guess it is possible that others like me, who don’t want our workflow interrupted by incoming emails, but prefer to visit the site when it suits us, may also have missed any announcements.

I wrote a posting about fmsoup on the forum to inform…


You were not. I just subscribed you for it.

I just subscribed you to the first post of the announcement channel.