The worst question you can ask a Software Developer

Some of you may have guessed it. Read the article The Worst Question You Can Ask a Software Developer | by Blake Norrish | May, 2021 | Better Programming

When I found what was the question I laughed, but it's not that funny :thinking:.


Good question asked, good reflection on the topic. The vast field of expectations vs feasibility.
Like in many engineering disciplines (e.a. building bridges, power plants, aircraft, spacecraft etc), building software often is not a customisation task. The unforeseen leads to re-verifications, modifications and corrections, creating additional tasks, binding resources and taking time.
How do we communicate with stakeholders, helping mutual understanding and fostering a way forward when the unforeseen happens?

I was guessing that the question would be "How long will it take?".
Pretty close, though not an exact match.

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I thought it might be this one…



expertise in calculation:

"Quick, cheap or good: pick any two."