POLL: How close to meeting your expectations is this community platform?

This site was setup from scratch over the last 48 hours (about 28 hours of work). So there is still a a few things to do do improve the look and functionalities, and features activation choices that only more tech savvy people than your humble servant can make. (Chat, GitHub, etc…)

Nevertheless, this proof of concept has reached maturity and it is now time to see how it fairs.

If you want to test the search functions before you cast your vote, you can visit other communities based on Discourse to test it, e.g. https://mpsocial.com/ (they got 20K posts/4mo into starting their forum).

So, supposing that it was filled with the community’s legacy content (with appropriate authorisations of course),

How well does this platform in this current state responds to your needs and expectations?

  • Not at all - I would feel miserable here
  • A little - I would come if I had to find information only
  • Moderately - I would participate a little
  • A lot - I would be happy to participate in this community
  • Perfectly - This is becoming my hang out spot!

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The ONLY reason I didn’t rate ‘Perfectly’ is because I know there are some quick/easy things that can and will be done, but aren’t done yet. Maybe that’s just semantics, but that’s why I only rated ‘A lot’. :wink:

I would have voted the same !

I’ve spent 31 hours over 48 here. I had to call it my hang out spot!

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