Viewing files in containers with WebDirect on iOS


I have a customer using web direct on an iPad. They have files in containers including PDFs, Word docs and image files. What is the best way to enable iOS Webdirect users to view and possibly print these documents. On macOS and Windows the files can be downloaded easily, but on iOS things seem less easy...


On iPad, FMGo offers functionality that WD does not have. Would that be an option?

These are very occasional users and I don't think it is reasonable to expect them to have Go, but it is an option, in the absence of any other solutions.


You could send them by email. The user could open them from mail either to view, air drop to printer or send to printer if it’s on a wan

I did consider that, but sadly some file are videos that are way to large for email.

In the past I've used the Data API to gain the streaming URL of the container field - this means that you can view / print multi page PDF's in a new tab in the browser. Works pretty nicely actually. What specific issues are you seeing with WD's handling of container data?