Vote on Claris Product lan and Backlog

Claris have posted a list of items in their to-do list and they are wondering how we think they should prioritise.

Spend a few minutes to vote for the items that you would like Claris to focus on


The interesting thing is to see what items come and go over time. How long they stay in progress and what items are added when others are removed as delivered.

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seams not updated for example the tunneling feature for server connections over https has been rolled out already and it states "in progress" and others ..

Also Claris Community (English) what does this mean?

isn't this already implemented since 30 years ago in FMP 3?

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there are a couple of points that are not clear to me - as a non-english native

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The item you're referring to can be found in a dedicated section for Claris Studio.

If I remember correctly, the https tunneling is only for Linux servers only currently, so it can stay on the to-do list for macOS and Windows.

This feature also may depend on nginx and I expect Claris to try to get nginx to run on macOS and Windows to ditch IIE and Apache and have only one web server to worry about.

And they mix up Claris Studio and FileMaker features there.