Want to learn JavaScript ? I did

Hello all,

as you know, whatever tool you use to develop applications, a WebViewer often makes it's way for some parts. And if you need interactivity in there, then it's a job for JavaScript.

So I did take a course, JavaScript Essential Training by Morten Rand-Hendriksen. This course is available on LinkedIn Learning. The course originates from Lynda.com that has now moved to LinkedIn Learning. For those of you who wish to jump to JavaScript, this is a very good course. The instructor is very interesting, you won't fall asleep, and bring you at the heart of the subject. You will learn the basics, get introduced to JQuery without being told, and will see how JavaScript is quite powerful.

There are some more JavaScript courses to go deepen, but for now I will create my own cheat sheets.


First post here! Woo. And on one about JavaScript! That's awesome.

@planteg: Good for you for getting up to speed on JS, starting your journey. What have you done with it so far? I'd love to see.

If anyone is interested, I'm going to present on a recommended JS Learning Path for FileMaker developers. It's my opinion (backed by my experience) we don't need to learn the entire knowledge base of JavaScript, because the entire base of JS might not apply. As a FileMaker developer, we have a list of specific use cases that we need to solve, and there's JS to solve those use cases.

If you'd like to join me (anyone), I'm presenting at the Kentucky FIleMaker User Group tomorrow (7/28) about this very idea. I'll also do one in September for App Works.

Here's the registration for tomorrow's event: http://www.kyfmp.com/
it's 1-3 EST, where I present the first hour of the time.

Join me. And bring your questions.

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Sounds great. I'd love to attend but I'm in the wrong time zone. Will the session be available on-demand or is it only available for live-streaming?

I'll ask.
But never fear. I'll have more information about this post-user group meeting. stay tuned to my company's site for more info


@jeremyb Just want to say a big welcome. So glad to see you sharing about upcoming events. Looking forward to hearing more from you...


Nothing yet, but I feel like that JavaScript will be the way to implement interface functionalities that FileMaker does not provide natively. And it will also be useful with Xojo, another tool I work with. Xojo will deliver version 2 of its Web API that will be based on Bootstrap, again JavaScript will be put to good use.

And I also wish the tomorrow presentation will be recorded. Can't watch it live but very interested !

A reminder that other than implementing new interface widgets using JavaScript, running JavaScript from a regular FileMaker field has been straightforward since FileMaker 12. If you use a micro-service.

I posted a video showing this technique earlier.

(No plug-in required. This technique works with FileMaker, FMS, locally, remotely, etc.)

Hi @jeremyb,

Really happy to see you here at the Soup. What a wonderful surprise to see a post from you here.


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