Web Viewer (Avoid scrolling horizontally)

By dragging the width of a browser I can see the webpage change between the maximum and minimum width set by the webmaster, but if I set the width of Filemaker's web viewer to be less than the maximum width set by the website's webmaster the page doesn't adapt, but rather I'm forced to scroll to the right to see what's hidden because it hasn't adapted.

Is there anyway Filemaker's Web Viewer can be made to act as a browser regarding this matter, so that the webpage within it will resize within the limits the webmaster has set?

I understand that I can anchor the edges to expand to the maximum size, but having discovered the minimum width set by the webmaster of the page I wish to display in the Web Viewer, I want to fix it at that size and have it display as it does at that size in a webpage.

@Karlos I just found your post. I am sorry it slipped through the cracks. Have you found your answer/solution?