What steps should I follow to generate the terms and conditions box?

Hi all,

I have established a database to record received assets such as laptops or PCs. Previously, we utilized traditional methods where employees would sign on paper. Now, with the use of an iPad, the process involves verifying the employee by their number and then pressing the "Terms and Conditions" button, which prompts the display of the relevant terms and conditions.

now I need how can create the terms and conditions with scroll bar.

I'm sorry if i'm not fully understanding your question. But if your goal is to show the terms and conditions and let the user scroll, then you can either:

  1. display a field like in your picture with scroll enabled. You may want to enable "prohibit modification during data entry" in the 'manage database' dialog for that field so that users cannot change it while viewing.
  2. use a webviewer to display the text. This option has some advantages:
    a. user cannot edit the text. it's read-only by default.
    b. the scroll bar works, even if the user doesn't click into the "field". That is they can start scrolling just by hovering over the webviewer and scrolling.

Here is the prohibit modification setting:

Here's an example file showing the webviewer technique:
terms-and-conditions.fmp12 (288 KB)

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Thank you, @jwilling . However, I am encountering another issue. When I switch to a different layout that includes terms and conditions, the text appears empty due to a new request.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this matter?

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Hey @Saeed

Again, it's hard to guess at exactly what you need because we don't have much info about your workflow and the specifics of what you're trying to do. But here is another example that takes employee info and merges it into a Terms And Conditions template, stored in a field, and displays the merged TAC text.

I'm only assuming you're trying to do similar based on your picture, but I'm not 100% sure.

terms-and-conditions-merge.fmp12 (316 KB)

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Thank you once again. You've grasped about 99% of what I require.

Now, the missing part is that if I click "agree," I want a new layout, like the TAC list, to copy the full name, department, mobile number, etc., into this layout. If "not agree" is selected, the original layout should be return to employee layout.

99% is pretty good!

Anyway, here is a very rough example of the rest of the flow you described. By the way, there are many ways to do this and this is just one, hasty, implementation of your description. There are probably better ways to do all this that fit your need.

here's a demo file:
terms-and-conditions-store.fmp12 (352 KB)

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Now is 100% :grin:

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When adding a new field, such as a signature give me in AgreeTerms layout like this character ?*Line 1, instead of the signature

please share your file

TAC_ESA.fmp12 (612 KB)

Thank you @Saeed! I think you're missing a few pieces of fundamental knowledge about how FileMaker works. I recommend finding some FileMaker training material/courses to help give you a good foundation for scripting and working with variables and json.

Here are some annotated screenshots from the file you sent that I hope clarify a couple of the issues with your current implementation

I made some more changes to your file here. I moved your signature/Q1/Q2 fields to a new GLOBAL table because it looked like they're only used for temporary data entry in the TAC card. I also changed the scripts to include some validation and show you how to work with global fields for collecting data on the card window. Please review all the tables, fields, and scripts to see the changes I made. I hope this helps.

I won't have much more time to help fine-tune your solution, but I hope that you are able to find some nice training resources and with that you should be able to accomplish most of this yourself (but please don't hesitate to ask more questions whenever you have them! There are many helpful people.).

TAC_ESA.fmp12 (664 KB)

Cheers, Josh

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Thank you for your support, time, and clarification. I truly appreciate it. Your advice is held in high regard, and I will prioritize it accordingly.

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You're very welcome and please do feel free to ask as many questions as you have/need.

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