Why does OnObjectModify work on text fields in WebDirect on iOS but not on Android?

I have a text field with the OnObjectModify script trigger selected. This script should run every time a character is typed into this field. This works just as expected in FMP, FMGo, WebDirect on a Mac, and WebDirect on an iOS device. However, it does not work using WebDirect on Android. Any ideas why? Also, I am using OnObjectModify as opposed to OnObjectKeystroke BECAUSE it worked in WebDirect on a Mac.

See my answer on Claris Community. This trigger is only partly supported on WebDirect, see the documentation.

Using OnObjectModify, do you get performance issues ? WebDirect is a different animal. Maybe Android versions of Chrome acts differently.


I have checked the documentation before, and I already know that "FileMaker WebDirect does not support using the OnObjectModify script trigger to monitor keystrokes in a field". But why does it work on WebDirect on Mac and iOS, but not Android? And no, there are no performance issues.

That I can't tell unfortunately. Web browsers are not not working the same, because they have all their implementation of how a browser should work. I fyou look at the HTML code on which a page is based, the browser see the HTML code and render it to the screen, you will that some sections have if sections, for example (pseudo code):

if (InternetExplorer) then
do this ...
else if (Chrome)
do this ...
else if (Firefox) then
do this
else if (Safari) then
do this ...
end if

The Web is a nightmare :exploding_head: , that's why Claris lists the names of Web Browsers that are compatible with WebDirect. FileMaker uses a certain technology to drive WebDirect, and maybe there is an issue in there, it's hard to tell.

You're asking the wrong crowd. The Android Chrome developers are going to be in a much better position to talk about this.

The fact that it doesn't work in some browsers will be why the documentation alerts you to the fact that the script trigger isn't supported in WebDirect.

I suggest you test on Chrome on MacOS to see if you can replicate the Android behaviour. If so, then the issue is browser specific and not Android specific.

That said… any technical support expert will say that this issue is moot because "FileMaker WebDirect does not support using the OnObjectModify script trigger to monitor keystrokes in a field." The fact it works sometime and not others is a reason why it is unsupported and unexplained.

It is not a browser issue. I mainly use Chrome across all three devices anyway (Mac, iOS, and Android), so those were the browsers I have been testing with from the beginning.

If it is not a browser issue then what is the point of failure? From your description the Android version of the browser does not implement onObjectModify triggers.

It is an Android issue from what I can tell. It doesn't work in any Android browsers I've tested, and works in all iOS browsers I've tested.