Windows FM Server virus/malware scanning software recommendations

Setup: FileMaker Server is running on Windows Server 2019. The owner has WebRoot installed for anti-virus/anti-malware. I am not sure what version they have at this moment, but the owner says that it does not have any options to exclude specified folders from scanning. It can only ignore specific files.

Does anyone have recommendations for software that does allow exclusions for specified folders?


I would say that about any Anti-virus software would allow exclusion of folders, but it doesn't not seem to be the case.

If your customer is in USA, check if some AV are banned. I am thinking about Kaspersky which is a Russian product that can't be use by government agencies.

I don't have a server, but on my 3 Windows computers I use ESET Nod-32 Anti-Virus that works real well. As soon one tries to access a dangerous Web site, the page is blocked and a Window pops-up stating the reasons. ESET also have products for servers.

@Malcolm , do you have products you may recommend to @bowdendata ? Thanks

Thanks for the comments. The customer is in the USA, so it does rule out Kaspersky and probably some others.

As mentioned, they have the Webroot app now and it doesn’t do folder exclusions.

I am going to check on Windows Defender as I believe they have different versions now with different feature sets.

I do t have much direct experience with Windows Antivirus programs, thus my question.