Zoom In/Zoom Out Shortcuts In FileMaker 19 (Not really)

I thought I’d just discovered a new shortcut to Zoom In (F3) and Zoom Out (Shift F3) in FileMaker 19 on my Mac, but upon testing realised it is unique to using FileMaker in Microsoft Remote Desktop (workspace, haven’t tested it using classic RDP).

I’d swapped to my Apple Magic Mouse to recharge the Logitech MX Anywhere and accidentally used the top of the Magic Mouse to scroll while having the control and shift key pressed and FileMaker zoomed in. Reversing the direction resulted in FileMaker zooming out.

Normally with the CTRL key pressed and using this method the whole screen zooms in and out as part of Accessibility. I tried this on the MacBook trackpad and holding the same 2 keys down and using 2 fingers, FileMaker behaved accordingly.

I thought I’d test this with the MX Anywhere scroll wheel and it failed. However, using the CTRL and option (alt) key it also worked. Tried this key combination on the Magic Mouse and it also worked.

Getting very excited (sad as I am) I tried all of this on FMPA 18 and FMP 19 running natively on my MacBook and unfortunately nothing worked.

To reemphasise, this behaviour only worked when running FileMaker in Microsoft Remote Access on a Mac, but handy (for us at least :+1:).


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Mac has it's own "Zoom" feature. Turn it on in Accessibility. My shortcut ( possibly the default ) is cmd-option-8. I can also zoom out and in at the OS level using cmd-option-plus or cmd-option-minus.