FileMaker Pro 19.1.2 Updater

See link below.


Why didn't FMP itself find the update during it's constant checks? On my system, FMP always said my outdated FMP 19 was just fine. The date on the new 19.1 was from the 14th. (Another bug perhaps).

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Thanks for the link, @Bobino!

In release notes:
'Sorting records on the host
In previous versions, FileMaker Server always transferred records from hosted apps to FileMaker clients (Claris FileMaker Pro and Claris FileMaker Go®) to perform a sort. Starting with version 19.1.2 of FileMaker clients and FileMaker Server, FileMaker Server will perform the sort, if it's not busy; otherwise, the client will perform the sort.'

Does this work with v18 server, too?

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WHAT?! Records can sort on host now? Am I reading that right? Could such an awesome feature really be buried so deep in those release notes?

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I wonder whether Claris built-in a way to cancel it if needed.


Now I'm having flashbacks to the times in my life that have been lost to slow sorting.

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The update isn't being signalled for me yet.

When I "Check for Updates" within FMP I'm told that I'm up to date with version

I stopped and restarted FMP hoping that it would check on startup but it didn't report anything.

Updated a couple of our Windows streaming servers last night to FMP v19.1.2, all seems OK so far this morning.

The first thing we’ve noticed is that they appear to have solved the bug in Windows where selecting a Hosts favorite with ‘Filter Databases in Client Applications’ selected in the server resulted in the second password prompt disappearing and the only way to open a file was to go into ‘Show Hosts’.

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I believe I saw some acknowledgement of this by Claris, where they said that in-app updates may be delayed by 24-48 hours. The wording was not perfectly clear to me, but my sense was that this is intentional.



That's been the standard for some time. We often updates chatter well ahead of when we get them.

Phased updates are great.

Starts with 1% of users on first day, so you can cancel it before it sends to last 50% after 7 days.

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I agree Christian, I’ve been wanting this for years, rather than the annual update blitz.

With subscriptions, there is no marketing benefit from numeric increments and an annual wait for new features.

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Darn it, just seen a colleague have the problem still. Looks like the bug is still there.

No. The release notes are not entirely clear but it does state that you'll need the 19.1.2 version of FMS for this. Same with the AD FS feature that is listed (although you can in fact already use AD FS now, but the config for that is not in the admin console).

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