FM 20.3.2 Updates arrived


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You find the full installers in the electronic software download page.
The link is in your license email from Claris.

PS: We are curious on what the security fix is about. Especially for the decision whether this affects us and so we need the update installed everywhere quickly.


As expected, per the usual, this update isn't shown in FileMaker itself when I checked for available updates...thanks for the link.

IMHO, Claris' opaquensss is ridiculous.

Oliver, what do you mean ? Looks like my brain in running on a single core today :face_with_spiral_eyes:.


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LOL....Sorry, I worded that terribly. I meant that doing a version check update check in FileMaker told me the last version was the most current.

Thanks for mentioning this. I'll reword my posting above. :slight_smile:

Yes Claris opaqueness might not be transparent from all angles. Though bug fixes are always very welcome.

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It's not the first time that happens. For some reasons I can't remind, there is a delay between the release of a new version and FileMaker noticing it.

It is not uncommon for updates to be distributed over several hours. Apple does the same with macOS. This reduces server overload and slow download speeds.

This also gives the option of withdrawing the update in the event of unexpected problems before it becomes very widespread.

What's so bad if we get an update a few hours or even a day later?


thank you for the heads-up :slight_smile:

I just tried the download options from the Claris License site and while all links for FM 2023 point to 20.3.2 builds and FMS 19 points to 19.6.4 there is no link to the full installer of FMPro 19.6.4, those still refer to 19.6.3

Is this the same for the rest of you?

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I don't know whether to recommend that update. I'm now locked out from one of my files and have no more chance to do anything within it.

Two things you may try:

  1. Open your file by pressing Cmd/Ctrl while clicking on the file to force logging in (useful when the file auto log).

  2. First start the debugger and then open the file.


I guess the password setup has been corrupted.

I believe in macOS, FileMaker passwords are stored by filename. Did you rename your .fmp12 file?

If you go to Keychain Access you can search for FileMaker which will show a list of all FileMaker passwords:

Did you try from previous version? Or did it alter the file?

A previous version of what?

I don't have the old Filemaker Version since I upplied the update.

I have an old file version from the backups which is as unreadable.

I have a former fp7 version which can be converted properly.

I might have to delete and re-install FMP in order to go back to the former FMP version, right?

No, it's the same filename.

Keychain does not know about that file

Did you try what I suggested above? in Keychain Access, don't search for the filename, search for the keyword FileMaker which will show you every FileMaker password in your keychains.

My suspicion is that in this new file, it's automatically logging in with an account name which has limited permissions. You need to log in using the [Full Access] account.

In Australia and New Zealand it can be one or two days after the release before FileMaker will show an upgrade alert.

20.3.2 update notifications started showing up for me about an hour ago (USA, West Coast).

There is no version 19.6.4. Only for Server 19 & FMP/FMS20.

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