Claris FileMaker 19.5 now available


Yep, now showing under Software Updates in Canada.

They again states that:

In addition, FileMaker 19.5 includes nearly 400 bug fixes. These improvements span across security, installation processes, and calculation functions, as well as Script Workspace, FileMaker WebDirect, FileMaker Admin API, and much more. Many of these bugs were reported by Claris Community members. Watch for updates in Report a product issue threads over the next few days.

The next change that would be fantastic would be to group the list of fixed bugs in a list. I guess that it will be as before, some posts added to the Community. Maybe next time !

Updates are delivered within a week.
Spread over several days, so the servers are not overloaded.

The announcement from @RosemaryTietge in the community forum does include links to the products pages and those pages have a lot of information in them. I haven't counted but I've read the FMP page and I'm in the middle of the FMS page. There are a lot of changes being announced.

today (a couple of hours after 19.5 became available) some customers asked us about 19.5... but we did not get any pre-version of 19.5 (it seems that 19.51 is shipped), therefore we had to answer that we do not have any expierience - what a blame...
We are working in projects with other partners - at least here, partners do not have any expierience with 19.5.. this results in the recommendation for 19.4 from those other partners (I personally would go 19.5 - but I do not have one single installation here on desktop - only on iPhone... I have to do some checks first)

In the previous years, a new version came out in may (19.x in june and in the fall) - so customers did not buy additional licences or waited with os updates until the new fm version is out.

The good thing is that the requirements concerning os are the same as with 19.4!