Announcement: DIGFM JavaScript presentation this evening Pacific Time

I received an announcement email, and wanted to share it here.

I know that the last time @jeremyb mentioned doing a presentation, there was a lot of interest here at the Soup, and I wanted to make sure everyone here would be aware of another opportunity. I am sure it will be great.

@Cecile: Apologies if I have posted in the wrong channel -- this seemed like the best fit to me, but happy to learn for next time, if there is a better place.

@All : Sorry about the last-minute notice -- I took an extra day to check with one of the Meetup organizers before reposting here.

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Hi Steve,

thanks for sharing this. Do you know if the presentation will be recorded ? I can't assist at that time and know that everything Jeremy does is worth a million. Being able to play the recoding would be wonderful :smiley:.


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It is typically recorded.

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Thanks for the shout out. I don't always push my own stuff. :slight_smile:

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Agreed -- I believe this is typically the case that the DigFM sessions are recorded. Usually I receive a follow-up email with a link to the recording. I'll make a note to handle that the same way as the announcement link above, i.e. confirm that it's ok for me to repost here, and, if so, do so.

Also -- I'll make a note to reach out to Eric Matthews, and see if he'd be interested in posting monthly announcements for DigFM here at the Soup. Seems that DigFM always has really interesting topics and very knowledgeable presenters.


DigFM has its own Youtube channel. This is where the recorded content gets published. Meetings are monthly and the recordings usually follow shortly after.

Participation is great, there is usually a bit of free-form discussion (approx 30 min) going on before the recording starts. Presentations usually allow for some degree of interactions or questions. I attend as often as I can. The material is great and I find myself referring people to it quite a bit.

As for monthly announcements of DigFM on fmSoup, I am not specifically for that measure. DigFM is one of the few user groups to have a dedicated group on the official Claris Community and regular content, it is open to all and joining lets you get the monthly announcements. Let's save Eric the extra work and subscribe where his updates are taking place. Monthly announcements could become a bit of white noise here on fmSoup.

I prefer what you did here. @jeremyb is awesome to listen to and his presence at DigFM was well worth this spotlight.

If we do implement monthly user group announcements, I would favor a single topic per group where announcements are new comments into that topic (same policy we have for plugins & products I think). This way someone who wants to mute that specific topic and reduce the "white noise", because they get the same notification elsewhere or because they are just not into that group, could mute that single topic and not have to deal with a brand-new topic every month.

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I hadn't thought of it that way, but what you say certainly seems very reasonable. The effort to announce here would likely have fallen on my shoulders, which would have been fine -- but, if it detracts from the Soup to post the monthly announcements, then, of course, I'd rather not do so.

I'll refrain from re-posting any other DIGFM announcement. I have a feeling that will be fine by many/most folks. If it turns out that there is a desire to see the DIGFM announcements here, too, then of course we can look at the best way to do so, and my offer to do the little bit of monthly grunt work to make it happen will still be good...

I don't want you to refrain from reposting something you feel is of interest (DigFM or other). We all do that and it brings great value to the community.

I was simply questioning the systematic monthly announcements. I am not opposing it, but it we want to go there, let's make sure it is done in a way that will let people determine if they want to tune in or tune out.

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Thank you @steve_ssh for posting this. I think it is of great value for the community. it also made me realize that an old project that had for the soup is overdue.

While I thinker how to make an interactive calendar, I created a sub channel in the Heads up specifically for these announcements of upcoming events.

To be clear, the Devcon/Engage &conferences channel still exists and should be reserved for discussions about those.

The new channel will be for announcing events. People can subscribe (watch) that channel or mute it.