Outage of the forum?

during the last 2 or 3 days, there seemed to be kind of outages - the site the.fmsoup.org was not available.

Anybody else noticed that?

Must admit Markus, I haven’t noticed it here.

I haven’t but will ask the support team to check.

no problem here.

btw. I’m on the iPad via ‘discourse hub’, network is swisscom 4g (no wlan), other services all fine, no hickups

again, on MacBook over WLAN / Safari, on iPad over 4g / discourse hub

3 screenshots from iPad, check the time… was about 1/2 every other service (web, mail, ) is ok

discourse hub


still no net

Works fine for me (also in Switzerland). I experienced the issue with some websites earlier this year. It resolved immediately when I switched the default DNS.

happened on both devices, on different networks (swisscom 4g and WLAN on customer’s site)

It’s telling you to give up and go to the pub to start the weekend Markus :beers:

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ok, so let’s do some weight-training (hoist a few beers)…

Hi Cécile,
Yes, different parts of our infrastructure were targeted by a DDoS attack this week. There were outages on November 19 and earlier today.

You can track our Twitter account for more details and updates: Discourse (@discourse) | Twitter

Thanks for your patience.


Franziskaner weissbier for me and Val then!


Within the last week I noticed unavailability one morning (Pacific Time). When I returned later in the day, things were normal.

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I haven’t noticed any downtime.

Yep. I did as well.


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Hmm, late in the morning here, redwine better nowe, but did you try the Frauenfelder Weissbier?


There are server approaches you can take to mitigate DDOS attacks. You may already be doing those, I don’t know.

Hi Louis

We’ve tried many, but not see Frauenfelder. However, we have this up the road from us, so maybe need to go have a search: https://www.beersofeurope.co.uk/

… and …