Best way to deploy a FileMaker file (updated from time to time) to iPads?

What is the best way to deploy a FileMaker file (updated from time to time) to iPads?

Many years ago we used a technique that we first saw from Colibri that I believe was called "go deploy” or something like that.

Not sure if that technique still works?

We are considering starting out with something simpler…a container field in the FileMaker file that lives on the office server into which the latest mobile FileMaker file is inserted.

From there it is a simple Export Field Content script and the mobile file is downloaded to the device.


Watch Todd Geist's session from DevCon about launcher files.

DevCon 2016. Look like that was one of the videos that got removed from the internet.

Richard Carlton interviewed him around the same time. That video should be available. I think he talks about how it works there and demos it.

I really like the method shown in

Its a claris session about mobile device management

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I don't know if it is the best mechanism or not, but I was under the impression 360Works MirrorSync had a feature to address this precisely with iOS devices running FileMaker Go. Obviously, you would also get the rest of the features to sync data between the devices and the server, something that can be nice to have in your back pocket if you happen to also need this as part of the business requirements.

Watched. Very good video. Thanks.