How may I transfer a FileMaker file to an iPad

Hello filemakers,

it's been a long time I worked on an app to be run on an iPad, so I forgot a few things.

How can I send a an app - .fmp12 file - to an iPad ? File size is 64 M, meaning no way to use an email. Even if it was smaller than 10 M, how do I move it to the right place ? The iPad runs on 16.1.1. I used the File app, and couldn't even find the sample file.

I must add that I develop in a Windows environment. I connected the iPad to my computer, but the iPad only exposes pictures.


There should be several ways to do this. One is: Visit and sign in with the Apple ID used on the iPad. Navigate to iCloud Drive. Then you can upload a file by dragging it onto the browser window. After that you are able to access the file on the iPad.

Thanks for this suggestion, I forgot about iCloud. I will try this.

You can AirDrop it from a Mac (or other IOS device) and the iPad will offer apps for it to go to, including FileMaker Go

No AirDrop form a Windows computer !

Ah, sorry missed that. I haven’t tried it for ages, but we used to use iTunes to transfer files to iPads, long before AirDrop. Otherwise: Solutions to Transfer Files from PC to iPad Without iTunes

Newer iPads support usb-sticks as well, so this could be the easiest way. Not every usb-stick will work on any newer iPad - I got a customer (windows) where I found one single stick that worked with their iPad ('normal' ipad 2022, not air, not pro, lightning connector with an adapter)