Beware - Thiefs In The Office [OT]

My office is on the 3. floor of the house, in the roof-part. During summer, I open all windows until 9:00 or so.
This morning, after emptying the letterbox, I found some handkerchief just outside of one of the windows. After stepping to that window, I found an USB-stick on the roof. Sombody tried to steal that! The stick was not installed, left close to the window.

Who comes into my office just to steal mouchoir and quite cheap USB stuff??

After a short moment, I watched 2 thiefs!! (Just trying to step inside againj

(picture of the magpie from wikipedia)


@Markus, you only need to worry when they assemble in larger groups, according to famous writer Daphne du Maurier :turkey: :rooster: :duck: :eagle: :swan: :owl: :flamingo: :parrot:.

In front of my office, a small group of tits spends hours in a small hortensia tree. The largest thing they can carry away are sunflower seeds :slightly_smiling_face:

it's two or three youngsters, it's very interesting watching them. They are chattering really nicly to each other. I watched them also knocking at the window - I got 'Plissees' on the inner side of the windows, with some pattern - what seems to be interesting for them.

But to jump inside... anyway - it's good to know

‘USB” - Uncatchable Stealing Birds?


Makes me think of Les Bijoux de la Castafiore, or The Castafiore Emerald in English, or Die Juwelen der Sängerin in German.