New Windows 10 bug hits home working: Outlook, Office 365, Teams can't access internet


Microsoft is rushing to release an out-of-band fix in early April for a Windows 10 connectivity bug.
As if working from home wasn't challenging enough, Microsoft has now warned that a Windows 10 bug is preventing Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other critical work apps from reaching the internet.

The Windows 10 connectivity bug couldn't come at a worse time and is probably causing real pain for the millions of employees worldwide working remotely amid the [COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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I don't want to sound snarky, and I realize the context would vary by person and situation, but why pay for office software when so many free alternatives exist.

Some of my clients routinely have "Outlook" (aka, LookOut!) OLE connectivity problems.

Hope you get up and running soon, Andy.

There is more to Office 365 than just the office apps. It is essentially a very broad offering that just happens to offer the Office apps also. A premium version of Microsoft Teams is a big one. Much of the functionality of Slack, included in a single price along with 1 TB of OneDrive storage, Office apps, and some other API stuff. Email included and managed for you. It really is a decent offering.


I know.

If you (re-)read my posting, I tried to take that into account without covering every possible situation, J.

Oh well. So much for my efforts ... :innocent:

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Well, if anything, we have managed to make it extra clear!! LOL

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No worries. Thanks, J.

Thanks @anon45965781 this time it doesn't appear to have affected us.

They broke all their won RDP/RemoteApp access with a Windows 10 update about 2-years ago. This was really bad for us, with about 200 users at the time spread between many customers. In this case we were only rescued by a brilliant set of people on a Microsoft forum, it very much felt like a FileMaker forum at the time. Microsoft took between 2 and 3 months to fix this.

The guys on the forum kept coming up with fixes and workarounds, then Microsoft would release an update and break the fixes but not fix their original problem and so it went on for weeks. Needless to say our customers held us totally to ransom as 'our' systems were not working, which they were absolutely right and they'd get nowhere with Microsoft, much as we don't with Apple. It cost us a lot of time and money and Microsoft didn't seem to care that critical systems tend to use this type of technology.

This time they are 'rushing' out a fix as this affects a much wider client base.

I can't believe their timing though, with more people home working than at any point in history. Amazing!

Kind regards


Iā€™m hopeful that one good thing to come from this pandemic will be more telework and less pollution.

Thanks Andy.


The fix has been released, but is a manual install only and should only be run by those affected by the bug (other PCs should self-isolate).

However, I've been unable so far to find it, albeit I am searching on a Mac, which may be something to do with it.

Good luck

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I think this is probably it.